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Buy quality Bed Bench for the best price in Dubai

One of the most practical and traditional piece of furniture to put at the end of a bed is a bench, sometimes called a “bedroom bench”. A picture of classic Italy -inspired elegance, this beautiful Bed Bench by Royal Shades Curtains LLC. Furniture, will look superb in your hallway, in bedroom or even in a living room. With gracefully curved Teak wood legs and delightful diamond buttoned detailing on the fabric-covered cushioned seat, will make the perfect companion for other furniture from this sophisticated range, or work equally well as a standalone statement piece. While selecting a Bed Bench make sure you are considering the width of your bed. It looks best if the bed bench is a little smaller than your bed. For example If you have a king bed (80″ wide), make sure the bench is at least 60″ though we suggest going for 65 or 70. The key is having the bed bench 3/4 size of the bed width. While bed side table take care of your phone, charger, headset Bed bench is the best option for your Laptop and books and coffee mugs.

How to choose a perfect Bed Bench

Choosing the right furniture is always a time-consuming task. You tend to consider a lot of factors which choosing one. A Bead bench should be something that compliment your bed and bead head. It should also match your other decor like curtains, wardrobe and wall paint. At Royal Shades Curtains LLC. we provide the best service for each and every customer. We also make sure that their needs are fulfilled. Hence, we customize our products, which allows our customer to find that perfect piece of furniture. Apart from the traditional designs we also make Bed Benches with storage. Bed bench with that extra storage space is perfect to keep those stuff that you do not need to access often. This will be the perfect spot to keep all those clothes that are yet to fold, if you are a Bachelor you understand this perfect. This smoothly cushioned bench looks great in a family room or bedroom, with plenty of space inside for games and blankets. A double row of nail heads finishes the minimal style. Features attractive nail head accents. Fixed legs feature an Espresso finish. Features storage within the interior of the bench that uses a lid stay that keeps the lid open until it is pushed to close. Hinged lid for easy opening.

Best Bed Bench with storage space

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