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Buy Bedside Tables at best price in Dubai

While the bed is always the most important piece in any bedroom, the room isn't complete without bed side table. Perhaps some of the smallest wooden products in the house, bedside tables can have a large impact on your bedroom interiors. Also termed nightstands, these are used to store and display your belongings that need to be within a hand’s reach of the bed. A good bedside table design has provisions to keep reading glasses, water bottle, mobile, a small lamp; and to store a number of things such as fortnightly magazines, books on your current reading list, medicines, and more. Instead of a lamp, you can also opt for a flowerpot, an intercom, or a nice photo frame. In today’s modern homes, these tables have become practically mandatory. Buy a multipurpose bedside table online and add invaluable functionality to your bedroom. .

Wooden Bedside table with storage space

Bedside tables are usually made with wood. These tables are very small compared to other furniture yet very practical and a must-have. There are Bedside tables and Night stands made of other materials too. Bedside tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes and may have any number of features.

A few examples:

Nightstands- Small, simple pieces designed to hold a lamp and a clock. Having two of them would be ideal if you have to keep things or share with your partner.

Simple tables- Usually designed for multipurpose for any room in the house, but small enough for bedside use.

Bedside cabinets- Small chests of drawers or cabinets with drawers and other storage areas, these are the most useful ones since it allows you to keep things at a hand distance.

Your choice of furniture is depended on many factors including your budget, the size of your room, the size of your bed, and your storage needs. Royal shades offers you 100% customization in each product. You are free to choose from wide range of designs, or we can help you with your unique ideas too.

Night stand and Bedside table that you would fall in love with

If you are looking for the best bedside tables in Dubai. Get in touch with us today. Our experts can give you a free consultation on Decor deigning and choosing the right piece for the rest of interiors. We also provide custom designs for apartment and villa projects. So feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote. Follow us on social media for latest offers and discounts.