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Custom made Sofa in Dubai

Looking for an elegant and modern piece of furniture for your living room? Sofas are the best fit. Sit back and relax in style with our cozy Sofas. Give your living room a royal feel with this magnificently crafted sofa. Keeping your comfort in mind, the sofa is constructed with premium quality fabric and foam. Place it in the living room and it just blends perfectly with your majestic interiors and splendid decor easily. Royal Shades Curtains LLC. use high quality fabric which gives Premium look. Wide arm Rest for Better Support & Comfort; ergonomically designed Sofa helps you relax and feel Comfortable. New Classic Design of Sofa set enables it to blend with any Decor.

Single Sitting Sofa

Single Sitting Sofa is the perfect match for that empty corner. The cushion and material provide you with enough comfort and the frame of the product- sturdy and luxurious will make it the perfect lazy-spot. Pair it up with a side table & a vase of bright & fresh flowers which will make up for a classic shot, while creating a welcoming environment. The sofa comes with multiple upholstery options and can be customized completely in terms of dimensions and fabric in-line with your needs.Omens and creating a muted, elegant atmosphere that complements the concept of timeless elegance. The most immediate benefit of an L shape sofa is that you can place it on the corner of the living room or any other room you want. L shaped sofa set designs also help fit in more number of people comfortably without taking much space. 

Restaurant Sofa

Restaurant sofas can provide an excellent space for customers to relax with their friends whilst waiting for a table, they provide a more laid back atmosphere to the entire restaurant and allow larger groups to sit together in comfort, rather than standing or spread out corner Sofa / L shaped sofa

Are you constantly attempting to find the perfect sofa that doesn't take up much space but is still comfortable enough to snuggle in? Worry no more, because has just the right solution for you. The modern L-shape sofas are perfect for enhancing these valuable m across a bar. Restaurant sofas allow for customers who would like to spend a little longer chatting and relaxing after their meal as opposed to sitting around a table or on firm seating. A plush restaurant sofa can make the dining experience more enjoyable for those who wish to spend a little longer.

Sofa Manufactures and Suppliers in Dubai

Apart from these we also manufacture sofa for different needs and requirement. Below are the list of sofas,

  1. Double Sitter Sofa

  2. Three sitter sofa

  3. Circular Sofa

  4. Modern Sofa

  5. Modular Sofa

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