Ripple fold Curtains in Dubai

Ripple fold drapery, a simple and elegant style, is highly sought after by interior designers and architects. They glide easily along the custom tracks. Royal Shades Curtains LLC. ripple fold curtains are fully customizable with a variety of fabrics, weights, and accents available. When using ripple fold curtains in any type of application it is easy to maintain and install. Our ripple fold curtains have a snap tape sewn on the top. Ripple fold style curtains are curtains that have a consistent S curve rippling across the span of the track. Ripple fold curtains uses a snap tape that is sewn to the fabric and is attached to a strip of snaps inside the head rail. We can make velvet curtains in pinch pleat or ripple fold style. Creative curtains by design made to measure ripple fold curtains can be made as a double-sided curtain, ideal for room dividers, privacy screens or any situation where you want a different fabric on both sides of a curtain. Royal Shades Curtains LLC. ripple fold curtains are fully customizable with a variety of fabrics, size, pattern, weights, and accents available. Motorized ripple fold curtains have a classic look. These are the best for office spaces to make a complete makeover with the gorgeous addition of roman shades or a signature piece of furniture. Fabric and liner combinations for ripple fold curtains are infinite, giving you full control of desired light and privacy.

Ripple Fold Curtain Supplier in Dubai

Ripple fold curtains take their name from the unique nature of the heading, which looks a little like a traditional rod-and-eyelet heading but is much more versatile with a true runner-based track system. The main difference is that pleated curtains cover the track and ripple fold is hanged below the track. This style is now trending towards residential applications and is an update to the standard pinch pleated curtains and work well with any design style. Visit our store to find out more option on furniture and blinds that will match your curtains very well.

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