Pencil Pleated Curtains Dubai

Our vast selection of pencil pleat curtains comes in a fantastic range of colors and fabrics from our curtain collection. At Royal Shades Curtains LLC.we have a wide selection of pencil pleat curtains perfect for every room in the home ideal for creating an elegant, baroque atmosphere in the bedroom. Here are few points why you should opt for pencil pleat curtains. The classic pencil pleat curtain design takes its name from the way the pleats resemble pencils standing in a row. As mentioned earlier, pencil pleat curtains have a very traditional feel, so tend to fit in perfectly with more classic interior styles and in cottages or older properties Curtains with pencil pleat headers offer multiple hanging options; pinch pleat single curtain panel is available in colors that are both deep and matte. Pencil pleat curtains are a great addition to the decor in your house or office. Pencil pleat curtains that will freshen up any style of home. With pleats the size and shape of pencils, pencil-pleat curtains are created by fastening curtain tape to the back of the fabric and gently pulling the attached cords to create a ruffle effect.

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Pencil pleat curtains are suitable for hanging on either tracks or poles. Pencil-pleat curtains have an attractive, uniform, gathered edge that look particularly nice in more casual applications, such as home offices or bedrooms. Pencil pleat curtains are more traditional and produce smaller, pencil-like folds through being tightly folded at the top. Available in different colors and designs, pencil pleat curtains are versatile additions to any home. Sometimes also known as tape top curtains, pencil pleat curtains need to match the size of your window by pulling the three strings in the tape at the back of the curtains. Pencil pleat curtains are fantastic as an economical way to improve your overall interior design. Pencil pleat curtains typically come in a variety of different colors so you can use them to make a room look darker or lighter depending on your needs.

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Planning to Buy pencil pleat curtains, Get in customized welcome to Royal Shades Curtains LLC. We provide a complete home decor solution by designing and installing stylish curtains, blinds, designing upholstered furniture and all that is required to revamp your home!