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Made to measure Wooden Blinds

Nature inspires us all, so why not bring in indoors with the beauty of custom crafted wood and faux wood blinds from Royal Shades Curtains LLC. Installing wood blinds can instantly modernize a room’s appearance, increase privacy, and improve energy efficiency by blocking light. Crafted from finely grained basswood, our elegant wood blinds bring the warm beauty of nature into your place. The arboreal beauty of sustainable-sourced wooden blinds adds a rich warmth to any room. For consumers who are seeking an attractive and practical window treatment, wood blinds are ideal choice. No matter what type of room or window you are seeking a treatment for, Wooden Blinds are offered in a wide variety of styles and lengths. Usually Wooden blinds come in a number of finishes (determined by the type of wood used, which ranges from painted to most types of solid oak varieties) & sizes.

Real Oak Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds match any decor and style with color choices and patterns that are anything but ordinary, ranging from many shades of white and ivory to the traditional natural wood stains to modern yellow, gray and plum in popular distressed or rustic options. Real wooden blinds are lightweight and long-lasting and are available in more varied size options, an important factor when covering large or oversize windows. With a variety of colors that include rich earth tones and texture-rich finishes, wood blinds complement your existing furnishings with an amazing range of styles. One of the things that makes wood blinds so attractive and versatile is the fact that they can be constructed from a variety of different wood types. We offer a wide range of choice to choose from which includes authentic oak to luxury looking wood options.

Window Wooden blinds

Recent market inclinations show that faux Wooden Blinds have increasing demand and are a popular choice among the customers. Never dated or out of style, real wood blinds come in different shades of white and designer colors that will help make your house a home you’ll love. If you’re looking for a way to add some class and warmth to your place, wood blinds can do that and more. Faux wood blinds are the economical, inexpensive choice to give your home/office the “natural” look you want to achieve. Follow us on social medias for offers and discounts on multiple products. .